What are you looking for?

Today’s gospel message (John 1:35-42) has so many captivating parts to it.  First, John the baptist, who has just baptized Christ, the Son of God, says to Andrew and another disciple, “Behold, the Lamb of God” as Jesus is walking by.  He uses the word behold, not just “Hey look” or “see”, he calls us to behold Jesus.

When you think of the word behold, what comes to mind?  Behold makes me think of giving birth to my children.  When I first looked into their eyes, held them to my breast, and examined each and every inch of their bodies, there was such awe, magnificence, and wonder.  That is how John the Baptist asks us to look upon Jesus.  He recognizes that this man is special and should be revered.  By using these words, Andrew and the other disciple are drawn to Jesus.

It’s at this moment, that Jesus turns to them and asks “What are you looking for?”.  Have you ever asked yourself that same question?  What are you looking for?  We are all searching for something.  We all use things of this world to fill the void in our heart, the longing we feel that causes us to search and search throughout our lives.  But Andrew, acknowledging that there is something different to be found with Jesus, asks where Jesus is staying and then goes with him to learn more about this man, the Lamb of God.  And Jesus’ response…perfect.  He looks at Andrew and says “Come, and you will see.”

Andrew follows Jesus.  He sits with Him all day.  He listens to Him, and Andrew realizes something that will change his life.  He realizes Jesus is the Messiah, the long awaited one who will provide salvation to the world.  What must Jesus have said?  What must he have done that would have allowed Andrew to realize this after only a few hours?  Jesus spoke as God would speak; perfect, sinless, lovely, honest, and full of humility and truth.  How many conversations do we have these days that fit into that category?

Andrew came, saw, listened and found the Messiah.  It’s at this moment that Andrew jumps up and runs to find his brother and evangelizes Simon to come and see for himself, the long awaited Messiah.  Simon follows Andrew and before Simon even has a chance to speak to Jesus, Jesus turns to Simon and says “You are Simon the son of John; you will be called Cephas” – which is translated Peter.  Jesus identifies Peter as “The Rock”.  Jesus knows Peter, inside and out, and He knows the gift Peter has been given by God the Father.  The gift that will bring the world the Church that Christ founded.

The next time your heart feels empty, you are struggling to find meaning, or you find yourself filling your life with things of this world, ask yourself  “What are you looking for?”.  That is your chance to “Come, and you will see”.  Come to Jesus, open scripture, let Him speak to your heart, and let Him provide your heart the salvation it truly needs.  Then go tell everyone you know “Look what I found!”.  When you find Jesus, you will never want to leave.  Jesus has already found you.  He calls you by name.  He has given you a gift.  Go out and use it.





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