Being Patients

When you help someone, it gives you a sense of worth and a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  Whether it is providing a meal for a loved one who just had a baby, giving a homeless man a few dollars, watching a friend’s kids so she can get her hair done, visiting a nursing home, taking food to the food pantry, or just helping your child tie their shoes, it makes you feel good to have provided help.  That’s because we are all made in the image and likeness of God.  God is always there to provide help to anyone who seeks it.  We need to help others because God first helped us.

If we love to help and we receive such joy from it, then why are we so quick to turn it down when it is offered to us?  A friend offers to bring you a meal because your husband is out of town and she knows how difficult it can be to get dinner on the table, but you say “No, it’s OK.  I can do it”.  Or, a friend sees you struggling at dance class and offers to watch your kids so you can get the house cleaned or an errand run, but you say “That is so sweet of you, but it’s OK, I can handle it”.  Or, you are crying after church and someone stops you and asks to pray for you, but you say “I’m sorry, I can’t, we have to get to my child’s soccer game”.  At each of these moments, Jesus was reaching out to you and you were saying “No”.  

We are all called to be like Christ.  Why can’t we let people be Christ to us, just like we are Christ when helping others?  We let our pride get in the way.  We don’t want others to see that we might be “failing” at something.  We have created an image of ourselves that others see as amazing and inspiring, all the while drowning in our own pride.  Imagine saying “Yes!” when someone extends help to you.  Imagine the joy that person will feel by providing someone they love the support they need.  Let yourself be helpless, let yourself be vulnerable, let your pride go and let those around you see that you need help and you need it from them.  It helps others to see that everyone needs help in their lives, everyone needs Jesus.  God created us for one another.  When God sent his only son to this earth, he modeled what our lives should be like.  Helping others, but at the same time receiving help from others.  



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